Customer data in your Zendesk tickets

Use SQL databases or an API as a source.

FactBranch loads customer data when you open a ticket

FactBranch looks up the customer in your database and shows your agents fresh data whenever they open a ticket in Zendesk.

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Connect FactBranch to your
SQL database

Use our setup wizard to build SQL-queries and design the output your agents should see in Zendesk. When your database schema changes or you want to display different fields, adapt your queries and output in FactBranch.

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Browse the FactBranch docs

Learn how to connect FactBranch to your database, spreadsheet or API and how to use the FactBranch Designer to lay out the results in the Zendesk app.

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How does FactBranch look in Zendesk?

These are some of the data types other FactBranch customers display to their agents.

Our support is excellent

Honest and clear communication is one of our company values. At FactBranch you always have a direct line to an engineer who will be able to help you.


The strongest data protection on earth.

To some GDPR is just an annoyance. We see it as a welcome wake-up call to reduce data processing. FactBranch is based in the European Union and complies with GDPR naturally. We never store any of your data unless you explicitly tell us to. Learn more about how we handle your and your customers’ data.

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